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With over 150 m2 of creative space, L.A. Recordings is a musical playground filled with quirky and creative equipment, including Juno-60, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Grotrian Steinweg 1910 Grand Piano, Rogers Vintage Drumkit, countless guitars and pedals, a huge microphone collection, Neve 1073 and SSL preamps, and plenty of boutique and creative outboard gear. Located in central Berlin, next to Humboldthain S-Bahn, the studio is easy to access with everything you might need just around the corner. You can read more about each room below.


isolation booth clear_edited.png
Control room clear_edited_edited_edited.
Live room clear_edited.png
WC clear_edited.png
kitchen & lobby clear_edited.png
Isolation booth 2 clear_edited.png
Live room clear 2.png
Live room clear 2_edited.png
Live room clear 2.png
Live room clear 2_edited.png
Live room clear 2.png
Live room clear 2_edited.png

Click on the desired room and you'll get there!

Live room

Live room

The live room is filled with interesting instruments and sound toys. With over 90 m2 floor area and plenty of ceiling height, it makes for a lively, yet controlled sounding room. The space really lends itself to live performances where interaction between musicians is key. 

Control Room

Control room

With over 24 inputs, and connectivity to all the other rooms, the control room is the heart of the studio.

Isolation Booth 1

Isolation booth

Perfect for vocals and other quiet sources, also big enough to house a drumkit for that tight and dry drum sound.

Isolation Booth 2

Isolation booth 2

If you're planning to record a full band set-up with multiple amps, there is a possibility to utilise the Isolation booth 2. Please, let us know in advance if you'd like to use this room. It is a part of our shared space and the use is upon request.

Lobby & Kitchen

Lobby & Kitchen

Lobby with seating to enjoy food and drinks or to relax in between recording. Coffee machine with coffee straight from the local roastery, Flying Roasters


WC & Echo chamber

With direct connection to the control room, you won't miss a beat, even when nature calls. Doubles as an Echo chamber.

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